Emergency medicine is a dynamic fast-paced medical specialty involving for undifferentiated and unscheduled patients with illness and injuries requiring immediate medical attention. plays a pivotal role in healthcare system and provides ample opportunities to emergency physicians to create tremendous impact on patients.Emergency Medicine is a field of practice based on knowledge and skills required for prevention, initial evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, management and coordination of care among multiple provides, and disposition of any patients requiring rapid medical or surgical care.

Emergency medicine trained physicians are experts in treating all critically ill patients and they examine a wide range of patients, including pediatric and geriatric, pregnant patients, psychiatric patients, and people from all walks of life.  Hence emergency medicine is an art of saving & serving lives.

Managing emergencies is an integral part of primary care. Being the first point care providers, emergency care is a responsibility of primary care doctors. To address the acute illness, fellowship in primary emergency care started to impart advanced education and trainings to General Practitioners to acquire appropriate knowledge and skills to provide prompt and effective management whenever the need arises. The graduates of this course will have the potential to become pioneers in emergency care in the country.

The program features a one year track comprises 12 modules focused on foundation and advanced topics in clinical emergency care. Each module is supplemented by pre and post assessments. The pre-test will be conducted at the beginning of the module to assess the candidate’s theoretical knowledge on clinical practice and a post-test will present candidate’s level of competency of the module. Through didactic and clinical instruction by faculties qualified in Emergency Medicine, the fellowship candidates will be guided and trained on specific topics, equip with skills and knowledge that is required to function competently in the role of Emergency Practitioner. We hope you will consider being a part of this well-researched program.

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